Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tonight I am starting as a complete novice on this Macbook and as a blogger. RIGHT now I am about two steps behind the rest of the class because I didn't even know how to log-on. Just now I could't find the apostrophe. Help arrived promptly in the forms of Isaac and Anita, though, to make sure that I was not sitting here in a completely stunned state. Fortunately, I am merely auditing this course and don't have to worry about my professional career being on the line. Our youngest son thinks I was made to be a blogger, but I have not felt the urge -- not even now as I start this adventure. Weeks will tell if I am back here regularly. That's it for now. 

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  1. Greg I know you can do it! I can see the determination in your eyes!!! Just think of all you will be able to teach your students at CAMS! You will make math a whiz for them! Besides, we'll muddle through together!!! Janet