Sunday, 21 October 2012


Watching a video on You Tube about uploading to Blogger doesn't seem to have helped me either because all I have now is a link that is not active. Oh, well, that's it for tonight.

Much to learn.........  g

??????????? ?

Today I was trying to upload a You Tube video on dyslexia all by myself. I have now failed twice.
My security system will not allow the two that I picked. The message says that they are not approved apps. I now wonder how older videos get approved and who will be making money from these approvals.

Right now, that's all the time I have for wonder because early supper is happening in five minutes. Food usually wins out over curiosity with me.

Be aware but play safe......... g

Saturday, 13 October 2012


I have just read and viewed Isaac Rafuse's first blog and am now trying to leave a short post on my "own" blog. It has taken me about ten minutes just to get to this point because I have not looked at gmail for more than a week. I loved the basketball video on Isaac's site. Right now I don't have a video that I want to insert, but I do see the icon at the top for doing such. Maybe I could even do it with a bit of fumbling and cursing, but I have many other things to do tonight besides play and swear.

For now I just want to mention a site called NETTED by the WEBBYS ( ), which has many great websites and apps that it promotes daily. It's free to get the notices and many of the sites and apps. They have things on education regularly.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tonight I am starting as a complete novice on this Macbook and as a blogger. RIGHT now I am about two steps behind the rest of the class because I didn't even know how to log-on. Just now I could't find the apostrophe. Help arrived promptly in the forms of Isaac and Anita, though, to make sure that I was not sitting here in a completely stunned state. Fortunately, I am merely auditing this course and don't have to worry about my professional career being on the line. Our youngest son thinks I was made to be a blogger, but I have not felt the urge -- not even now as I start this adventure. Weeks will tell if I am back here regularly. That's it for now.